WOHInt Wish List

Each year we update a "Wish List." These are things that our ministry really needs, but doesn't have the funds to purchase. We just know that there are people out there that have access to these items, and would love to give them away for a good cause! There are both physical items and intangible gifts of time or talent or resources that will bless our ministry and further the work of the Gospel. Have a look and contact us by email or phone (901.775.9757) to provide these needed gifts!

Physical Items: 

  • Laptop computers (newer - to replace aging outdated computers in Sierra Leone)
  • MS Office Software (2010)
  • ESV Bibles - 4-6
  • Audio Bibles - in English, Krio or Themne
  • Fax machine
  • Photocopiers - one standard and one small
  • Storage shelves
  • A safe (big enough it can't be carried off!)
  • Copy paper - a case or reams

Time & Talent:

  • Graphic design for some materials we need to produce
  • Volunteers - we always have a need for more help!

Intangible Items:

  • *Frequent flyer miles* - this would help us IMMENSELY in our travels and save a LOT of money!

Contact our office for more information or to donate! 901-775-9757