Host a Fundraiser

You can help support women in Sierra Leone right in your own backyard. Hosting a fundraiser is a great opportunity to spread awareness about issues facing women with disabilities in Sierra Leone, while also partnering with Women of Hope International to facilitate the development of a community. Women of Hope International is a non-profit organization currently dependent on the charitable donations of our partners and investors. Hosting a fundraiser will directly support women with disabilities in Sierra Leone. We are all called to fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus laid before us. Inviting people to join with you and Women of Hope International in this way is such a valuable component of His Kingdom service.

What Can I do to Raise Funds?

Below are just a few ideas that can be altered to fit into your interest, community and social circles. Before you begin, Women of Hope International asks that you let us know of your fundraising efforts so that we can better assist you in communicating the mission of the ministry. Once you have contacted a WOHInt representative you will be provided additional information about our 501c3 (non-profit) status and how donors can receive a tax deduction for giving to the ministry. We will also direct you to additional informational material about Women of Hope International. Thank you for your consideration in partnering with women in Sierra Leone.

1. Organize a Garage Sale

Invite people to clean out their house and host a garage sale. This is a great way to recycle all of those things left cluttering your basement and garage, while giving people opportunity to give of themselves through donating and collecting used items. Get your church, Bible study, youth group or neighbors involved in collecting items. Publicize the fact that proceeds will go to women in Sierra Leone. You will need a large enough venue to setup all of the merchandise, volunteers to help with sales and setup and take down. Make sure you have change available to day of the event, and maybe even set up a donations jar for people who may want to give at the event. 

2. Host a Party With A Purpose

You can sell the products the women in Sierra Leone make to support their families in your own Home Party. It works similiarly to other home parties like Usborne Books, Tupperware, or Pampered Chef. Find out more information here

3. "Change" a life in Sierra Leone

Ask local businesses in your community if you can put a Women of Hope International change container at their location. Invite customers to contribute their spare change to women in Sierra Leone. After the containers are full, you will need volunteers to monitor and retrieve them.

4. Community Auction

Sponsor a community auction for Women of Hope International. Auction items can be donated by local individuals (i.e. artists stores, or other organizations) for the event. Include some expensive items to attract more buyers. A community auction can be combined with another event such as an annual festival, a dance, or a golf tournament. Ask a local restaurant or catering company to donate food to the event as well.

5. Wishing Fountains

Check with local malls, restaurants or organizations that have wishing well fountains. Most of these places donate the pennies, dimes and nickels to charity. Invite such a business to contribute locals “wishes” to Women of Hope International. Publicize the event on a local radio station or using other strategies so your community knows about the opportunity to contribute. The extra publicity will be good for the local business in addition to bringing awareness and resources to Sierra Leone. A city-wide effort of all wishing fountains could generate $4,000 to $8,000 for a one to two week promotion.

6. Black Tie Bowling

Have a bowling alley sponsor a "black tie" bowling event, closing their doors to the public for the evening. This event can take on many dimensions and really get the community involved. Each participant is to dress in a "black tie" costume from the waist up, and in any style of their choosing from the waist down. Event planners organize the teams and can invite local businesses to sponsor certain lanes, adding to the competition. The cost for each participant can vary up to $40 per person, depending on what the bowling alley or other businesses will contribute toward the event. Provide food as part of the evening and give prizes for best and worst costumes, and bowlers etc. The event can be a really festive night out, but it requires a lot of staff and volunteer time.

7. Dessert party

Invite friends to a dessert night. The invitation explains that they will enjoy wonderful desserts, learn about the program and be asked, but not pressured, to make a contribution. Provide incentives for those who give a donation (i.e. take-home dessert, something from Sierra Leone, etc) before they leave. Have someone speak briefly about Women of Hope International or give a presentation about the program.

8. Rock-a-Thons (or Bike-A-Thon or Walk-A-Thon or "Anything-A-Thon"!)

Have a local children’s group, school or club participate in a rock-a-thon where they are sponsored to rock in a rocking chair in a public place for an extended period of time. While the children endlessly rock for a Women of Hope International, people will have the opportunity to additionally contribute to the cause. Identify how many hours the event will be held and generate publicity beforehand.

9. Item Raffle

Invite a business or individual to donate something you can raffle to people in your community. Sell each raffle ticket for $5.00 or more, depending on the raffle item. Make sure the raffle is publicized in some way, and inform people that all proceeds will go towards the Women of Hope International ministry. Some examples of raffle items: a weekend getaway at a cabin or summer home, tickets to a concert or athletic event, a restaurant gift certificate or decorative home furnishing.

10. Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments can be especially successful when partnered with a dinner or dance. A golf tournament requires a strong community base in order to influence significant players to join in. It may take more than one tournament before you see substantial profits. Often a golf course gives a discount in fees for purchase of gifts in their pro shop. Tournaments involve a number of professional volunteers to help with the planning and proper execution.

Once you plan your fundraiser, contact us for more information or materials to present.