Core Values

The essential principles of Women of Hope’s operational strategy can be summed up in our core values.


The first and primary aim of Women of Hope is to bring honor and glory to God by demonstrating Christ’s love and power in tangible ways to women with disabilities and their families. Without the hope of Christ, all development will eventually die away, leaving the participant in a Christ-less eternity. This is not true transformation. The only true hope for a better tomorrow is in Christ.


The goal of Women of Hope is that the foundational aspects of the program (CHE training, CBS and discipleship, advocacy and awareness building) will become internally sustainable as the women with disabilities first be empowered to make changes to their lives, see the benefit the program brings to them, and then voluntarily sustain the operation and expansion of the program through their own income generation efforts. Once the women are empowered to provide for their own family’s needs, and have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus, they will want to give that same hope to others, perpetuating the transformation process. We recognize that larger projects meeting the complex needs of the women will require some outside funding, but expect that in time the transformed women will seek that funding themselves, rather than requiring that it be brought in by another.


The importation of ideas and concepts has its place, when properly integrated into the existing milieu of the host society. The process of developing solutions must grow within the society and be owned by those seeking and implementing change, but sometimes new ideas take an outside impetus to germinate. When women work together with a common goal, they accomplish great things. Once the women with disabilities are lifted up to a point where they can see beyond the impoverished circumstances that trap them, they will be able to dream and envision a life that takes them to a new level.


Since we are made in the image of God, as whole human beings, we can not separate out the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social or economic needs of a person. Unless all aspects of a woman's life are addressed as a whole, true transformation can not occur. Leaving out any one area will affect all of the others and hinder deep, lasting personal growth.


It is not enough to merely change a woman’s circumstances. In order for true change to take place, the woman herself must change. She must first see herself as a woman who has intrinsic value as an image-bearer of God. She must then understand God’s purpose for her life – to bring Him glory and enjoy Him forever, and to live in light of His will and for His Kingdom. Following these realizations, her journey toward true transformation will begin.