Core Values

We resolve to intentionally facilitate the true transformation of women affected by disability, and recognize that it is not enough to merely change a woman’s circumstances. In order for change to endure, the woman herself must change. She must first see herself as a woman who has intrinsic value as an image-bearer of God. She must then understand God’s purpose for her life – to bring Him glory and enjoy Him forever, and to live in light of His will and for His Kingdom. Following these realizations, her life will be transformed and true, lasting change will take place. To ensure the authenticity of this process, we affirm the following values to be essential.


The first and primary aim of Women of Hope is to bring honor and glory to God by demonstrating Christ’s love and power in tangible ways to women affected by disability and their families. Without the hope of Christ, all development will eventually fade away, leaving the participant in a Christ-less eternity. The only true Hope for lasting change is Christ. In addition to directing women to Christ as their Hope, we also strive that every activity we undertake – from fundraising to donor care to programs - be done in a manner that glorifies Christ and keeps Him pre-eminent.

Affirming the Imago Dei

Any ministry among people should be centered on the concept of Imago Dei – the image of God. All people everywhere, are made in God’s image. This gives them intrinsic and immeasurable value and worth. Women with disabilities are often unaware of their value as image bearers, as those around them have missed this important concept as well. We affirm the inherent value of every woman, particularly among the disabled, regardless of the profundity of her disability or productive capacity.

Addressing Root Causes

We recognize that most problems identified in our world have apparent superficial causes, but deeper, unapparent root causes. Without addressing the root causes, we realize that the problems will not be eradicated or changed. It is the goal of Women of Hope to not be satisfied in superficial solutions, but to address the unseen root causes that underlie the issues we seek to alter.

Wholistic Approach

Because we are made in the image of God, as whole and complex human beings, we cannot separate the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social or economic needs of an individual. Unless all aspects of a woman's life are addressed as a whole, true transformation cannot occur. Leaving out any one area will affect all of the others and hinder deep personal growth.


True transformation as disciples of Christ carries a replicating effect, and it is our intention to facilitate that on all levels. On a macro level, we aim to use the tools, stories, processes and principles that have created transformation in the women of Sierra Leone as a model to multiply that effect in other counties and ministries. On a micro level, we envision and facilitate the multiplication of Gospel-driven transformation in the women to their families, communities and the nation. The end result will not only be transformed women, but transformed nations.