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Upcoming Trips!

July 7-20, 2015 - Deaf Team

Come and work with a truly unreached people group - deaf women in Sierra Leone. Women of Hope serves approximately 25-30 deaf women who have very limited communication capacity. The purpose of this team is to:

  • Articulate the Gospel to women who have limited communication skills in a way they can understand
  • Teach our Sierra Leonean staff sign language through immersion
  • Facilitate discussion between the deaf women we serve and our staff to create a plan for future involvement and training for the deaf
  • Work with the mothers of deaf children to facilitate better communication between the children and their parents and assist the parents in seeing their children through a Biblical lens

Spring 2016 - Construction

Assist with plumbing, electrical and painting services at our HOPE Centre in Sierra Leone. Specific skills sets and general assistance needed.


Watch this video featuring interviews from some Allies in Hope


 For Your Information...


The average cost for an Allies in Hope trip is $3,200 which includes air fare, insurance and all in-country costs once you arrive. Additional costs prior to going will include passport, visa ($160), immunizations (varies) and malaria medication (varies).

If you are interested in becoming an Ally in Hope and joining any of these teams, please contact Women of Hope at

Click on this link to download and complete the Allies in Hope application form.

If you need an application in Word format, click here.

Please submit your application by mail or electronically as soon as possible. We look forward to working alongside you in this ministry!


Why ask for support from others?

Please remember that this trip is not about you - and it's not even about you going to Africa to serve women with disabilities. It is about obeying the Great Commission, which is the responsibility of every Christian. Your job is to call people into greater obedience to the Great Commission and join you as a team effort in bringing the Gospel to bear in the lives of these precious women. Not everyone can get on a plane to Africa, but everyone can be part of building the Kingdom there through you as their ambassador!

Sample Support Letter - Here is a sample support letter template that you can customize for yourself to send to your networks of friends, family and church family.