Mother's Support Group

Women with disabilities deal with many year's worth of wrong messages, stemming back to theirMother's Suppotr group pic 1 childhood. They are often rejected by their parents and told they are worthless. The lack of support and resources available to those parents who want to try to give their special needs children the best opportunity that they can creates barriers to those children's development.


Realizing that re-education needed to start with parents, and particularly mothers, Women of Hope established a support group for mother's of mothers support group- pic 2children with disabilities. During these monthly sessions, mothers are given hope through examples of children with disabilities who have excelled and succeeded, taught coping skills and adaptation methods that will equip their children for life, and given Biblical truths related to disability in order to reshape their thinking about their children. 


During these sessions, the children are often cared for by staff and volunteers, helping them learn new skills and showing them that they are loved and valued. 

Mothers Support Group