Discipleship is at the core of everything we do in Women of Hope. Our mission statement is equipping and discipling women with disabilities to become life-long followers of Christ...

We are not interested in making converts. Most of our women will tell us they are Christians without blinking if they think that is what will make us happy. Many of them go to the mosque on Friday, church on Sunday and offer sacrifices to ancestoral spirits any other day of the week, just to cover all their bases.

During CHE training, general meetings and in some small group settings, oral Bible storying is used to begin to reshape the women's thinking about who God is and their need for Him. CHE training also covers topics of spiritual growth and walking with Christ. 

Bible storying in chronological order begins with the creation of the spirit beings, emphasizing the truth that those beings, greatly feared in African society as having arbitrary power over human beings, were created by God and are ruled by Him. After establishing where the spirit beings came from and how they fell in the rebellion led by Satan, then the stories of the creation of the world and humans are covered. The fall, as an extension of the rebellion against God, emphasizes the responsibility of both Adam and Eve and the consequences of sin. Islam teaches about the fall as well, but in a distorted way, placing all the blame on the woman and even changing the nature of the sin so as to devalue and demean women's very nature. These beliefs contribute to the bondage that women are held in throughout the world where Islam is held in high regard.