Cooperative Workshop

Creating products that can be sold requires a number of assumed factors:
- adequate space
- clean environment
- secure storage
- appropriate tools
- uninterrupted time

These are commodities that our women do not have in their homes. Many of them are homeless, or live in one rented room along with 8-10 other people, including many small children. They do not have storage containers or even access to boxes. They often don't even have beds or tables. This makes creating cards, purses, headbands and other Fair Trade products virtually impossible in their own setting.

To create a solution to this problem and enable the women to work on their Fair Trade business, Women of Hope is creating space for the women to work in a safe, clean, uninterrupted environment, offering them the opportunity to work together, building community and relationship. Currently, this consists of one room in our WOHInt office in Makeni, which is a start, but is inadequate. 

We have been given a donation for the purchase of land, and have identified a half-acre piece of land to buy. The process of purchasing land in Sierra Leone is complicated and fraught with corruption. Please pray that this purchase is finalized quickly and easily!

Once the land is secured, we have also been given a matching grant for the construction of the HOPE Centre. This Centre would provide the women with a cooperative workshop in which to work, providing ample space to create their products, opportunity to build relationships, tools that are required for their craft, time for discipleship with our staff, and a shop for sale of the products. Please pray with us for provision of the remaining funds and the logistics of building the Centre, and if God leads you, consider making a contribution toward this building.