To change the situation of people with disabilities (PWDs) in Sierra Leone, the mindset of society in general must first change. Due to animistic and Islamic belief systems, combined with low educational levels, the majority of Sierra Leoneans believe that people with disabilities are cursed by God, demonic and that the curse that is upon them can be transferred to others by being in contact with them. Even those who are more aware and informed often have misguided ideas about the abilities of people with disabilities, treating them with pity, but failing to empower them to reach their potential.

Community awareness campaigns regarding the causes of disability, the potential that PWDs have to become contributing members of society and the rights of PWDs are conducted to begin a paradigm shift in the minds of the community-at-large. Radio programs, symposiums and poster campaigns help to re-educate the population in general, preparing a platform of truth on which women with disabilities can begin to build their lives.